Thursday, 2 June 2011

Ciffig Church 1710

From Genuki
Griffiths, G. Milwyn. A Visitation of the Archdeaconry of Carmarthen, 1710   National Library of Wales journal. 1974, Summer Vol XVIII/3.
Extracted onto the pages of GENUKI with the kind permission of the National Library of Wales

The walls of the Chancell & Church should be new rendred. The Glass-windows mended & the floor made even. No Canons, Homilies, nor Table of Degrees. No house nor glebe for the Minister. [f. 35] Mr James Morgan Curate to Mr Philips, who lives at Llacharn the Mother Church & is diligent in his duty there, is resident here . 75  Mr Morgan has the small Tyths to his own use, & besides 20 £ a year out of the augmentation made to Lacharn paid at four quarterly payments. Prayers are read here once every Sunday, & every other Sunday here is a Sermon in Welsh or English. The Children are catechiz'd every Sunday. There are in the Parish two dissenting Families. There was a Meeting house here about 3 years since, but upon proceedings against the Preacher at the Quarter-Sessions at the charge of Mr Philips for serving more Congregations than one, this Meeting was & continues to be deserted. Bread & wine at Easter found by the Impropriator. Communicants at Easter about 60. at other times from 10 to 20. Families in the Parish about 60. An Ash growing out of the wall & Ivy on the (Church, deleted) wall at the west end of the Church, & Ashes growing in several places out of the wall on the South side & at the east end of it should be destroy'd & the wall new pointed.

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